Dhaka, Bangladesh

In 2015 I spent a short time working and living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working with a nonprofit called the JAAGO Foundation. During this time, I published a few different articles about Dhaka, which you can find HERE

Dhaka is rough. Normally a city guide would include tourist attractions, places to go out, restaurants to try, and etc, but Dhaka doesn’t have much of that because…

  1. The standard of living is extremely low.

  2. Too few foreigners visit Dhaka to justify building much to entertain them aside from a few business hotels.

  3. The country’s intense Islamic culture condemns the consumption of alcohol, forcing those that do want to drink it to turn to Bangladeshi moonshiners reminiscent of America’s prohibition era.

The following guide should, instead, give you a general sense of direction, and let you know what you are in for if you decide to visit Dhaka. Trust me, you’ll appreciate the help.

If you are looking for budget options for accommodations in Dhaka, you should probably just give up. The only foreigners that tend to come here do so on business. Consequently, the only hotels that cater in any way to foreigners are pretty up-scale. Compared to Western standards these hotels might be cheap, but they will be exponentially more expensive than accommodations elsewhere in the region.



The Idiot's Guide To Dhaka 🤷‍♂️

And may God have mercy on your soul