The crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, Istanbul has a lot going on. There’s a lot to do and see, so these articles should give you some direction before you arrive. If you want to read/see more on Istanbul, and Turkey, check out Turkey's 'Country' Page

When it comes to getting around Istanbul quickly and cheaply, my advice to you is to learn how to navigate the subway/trolly/ferry system. It will get you pretty much anywhere you need to go, and it’s interesting to see how the locals get around. Also, if you are a female, Istanbul is not a place where you should walk in the streets alone past 10:00pm (22:00). It’s a beautiful, interesting place, but it can also be dangerous. Be careful.

Tourist's Guide To Istanbul 📸

Have a few days to spend in Istanbul and you want to see the sights? In addition to providing you with some historical context, this article goes through most of the major tourist attractions (and prices) in Istanbul, and includes a boat trip down the Bosphorus to the Black Sea as well.



Local's Guide To Istanbul 🍻

I was lucky to been among friends when I was in Istanbul, both expat and local, who showed me the city through their eyes. This article walks through some of the local foods and customs, mostly through the lens of neighborhoods on the Asian side of the Bosphorus like Kadikoy, Moda, and Uskudar.