During my time in Rangoon, Burma (a.k.a. Yangon, Myanmar), I was lucky to have a local expat take me under their wing for a few days and give me a taste of the local scene. If you know where to go, Rangoon can be more than just fascinating, it can be fun! In the article below you will find reviews, addresses, and pictures from some of Rangoon’s emerging nightlife/restaurant scene. To find out more about the rest of the country, check out the Burma Index.

A Brief Guide To Rangoon's Bars & Restaurants 🍴🍻

I can’t over-stress how interesting this city is. I was, at all times, overwhelmed by what was happening around me. It was undoubtedly the most alien feeling place I have ever visited, but I would visit again in a heartbeat. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. Burma has only been open to outsiders for a few years now, but it has already begun to develop a great restaurant and nightlife scene. It's Burma, so it's a little sketchy, but it's awesome. Think of it like the Brooklyn of Southeast Asia (back when Brooklyn was only just beginning the process of gentrification).