Peter & The Quest For The Arctic Puffin 

[ c. October 2016 ] 

Drop in for a road trip through Iceland's remote Westfjords as we drive from the far-flung town of Ísafjörður to the very edge of it all in search of the elusive arctic puffin. Dangling off the side of massive, windswept cliffs of Látrabjarg, we finally sniff out the nooks and crannies where the puffins roost. Get ready for a lot of dramatic and gorgeous photos.

Peter Goes 4 For 5 In Cinque Terre 

[c. January 2016 ]

A quick train ride south from Genoa, down the Italian Riviera lands us in Cinque Terre, a National Park composed of 5 beautiful and historic fishing villages perched precariously on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As the sun sets, we'll do some exploring together, starting in Monterosso al Mare, and finishing in Manarola. 

Peter In Kamathipura: Mumbai's Notorious Red-Light District 

[ c. December 2015 ]

After a disturbing visit to Kamathipura, Mumbai's infamous red-light district, I was left with a lot of lingering questions. In this article we'll go step-by-step through the process of sex trafficking that leads young girls to be trapped in places like Kamathipura, as told by an aid work based in Kathmandu. Then we'll analyze the events of my visit with fresh, better-informed eyes. 

Peter Finds Paradise On The Pakistani Border

[ c. November 2015 ]

After a harrowing drive through the Indian Himalayas, and numerous shake-downs from Indian soldiers armed with machine guns, we finally reach the the Indian-Pakistani border. Here at it's most northerly point, this is among the most dangerous borders in the world, but what we found was far from frightening. Sitting almost exactly on the border, the tiny village of Turtuk felt a lot like Shangri-La. Here amongst the vibrant buckwheat fields and wild apricots, we'll get to know some of the kids that call Turtuk home.  

Peter Drives Over The Highest Road In The World: Khardungla Pass

[ c. November 2015 ]

In the heart of the Indian Himalayas, at the crossroads between the Buddhist Tibetan frontier and the beginnings of Islamic Baltistan, sits the highest motorable road in the world: Khardungla Pass. In this article, we'll drive over that pass (twice), and learn a lot of funny, interesting, and terrifying things along the way. Ready? 

Peter Spends 2 Weeks In Dhaka's Slums 

[ c. October 2015 ]

Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, has consistently been ranked as one of the world's "most unlivable cities." In 2015, I spent some time living here, working for an NGO focusing on education for Bangladesh's most under-privileged children. I stayed at facilities organization in a slum of area of Dhaka called Rayer Bazar. Over the course of those 2 weeks, I pieced together this narrative and photo-log to shed light on the friendly face of this vibrant, albeit, intimidating area of the world. 

Peter's Q&A With Former Viet Cong Spies

[ c. August 2015 ] 

I lived in Hanoi, Vietnam for upwards of a year, and I learned a lot during that time, about myself, and about my country. As an American, it was shocking to me how much of my own history I didn't know. Before I left, I had the opportunity to sit down with 4 Viet Cong veterans, 2 of whom were spies, for a little Q&A. This is the transcript from that conversation. 

Day #2 On The Boat: Peter Weathers a Massive Storm

[ c. March 2015 ]

In early 2015, before I had fully wrapped my head around what "monsoon season" meant, I hopped a boat from Lombok to Flores on a trip through Indonesia. In part 1 of this trip, I got extremely sick, but in part 2, things got pretty real. I wasn't sure if I was going to live to tell this story. 

Day #1 On The Boat: Peter Gets His Sea Legs The Hard way 

[ c. February 2015 ] 

The destination was the Komodo Islands, a far flung Indonesian island chain crawling with poisonous prehistoric dragons. Ignorant of the perils that come with monsoon season, we chartered a boat Eastward. That night, when our boat hit a storm (the first of many), I learned the true meaning of sea sickness. And maybe food poisoning. This one is a little raw, but if you're having a bad day, it might be good perspective. Things can always be worse. Lolz. 

Peter Spends Night In H'mong Village In Highlands of Vietnam

[ c. December 2014 ]

When I was an English teacher living and working the Vietnamese capital, a student of mine invited to me to come on a trip out to the highlands. Without much of an idea of what I was signing up for, I agreed. Fast forward a few days and I was struggling my way up a muddy dirt road in the remote Yên Bái Province. Eventually, a H'mong man offered to let me hop on the back of his motorcycle for a lift to the top of the mountain. I was not prepared for what was waiting for me at the top.