Nashville has a well-established reputation for being the country capital of the world, but that is only a small part of the story. In the past decade, Nashville has outgrown its quaint, southern roots to become a booming, cosmopolitan city. Still, as an outsider in Nashville, it can take some snooping to figure out exactly what this city has to offer outside of the campy country music world. Well don’t worry; your search for information ends here. 

Peter's Guide To Nashville's Emerging Underground 🤘

There’s a lot more to Nashville than Honky Tonks and bachelorette parties. Nashville has one of the best music scenes in the world and a vibrant community of musicians working to make it better every single day. However, tapping into Nashville’s indie side isn’t always easy. This guide should help you with nightlife & music in Nashville.



Peter's Guide To Nashville's Vibrant Restaurant Scene 🍴

This might seem random, but Nashville is actually a total foodie town. It would take years to exhaust all that Nashville’s restaurant scene has to offer. It was quite an undertaking, but I took the time to take pictures of all my favorite restaurants in Nashville and compile a guide for you. If you’re looking for good food in Nashville, you just found it.



Peter's Guide To Coffee In Nashville ☕

Nashville has a vibrant coffee shop scene. All across the city, coffee shops are oases, filled with entrepreneurs, musicians, students, and more. And between Nashville’s many small, office-less companies, budding start-ups, and already-huge-but-still-rapidly-growing community of musicians, these coffee shops can range from being social fixtures to full-fledged co-working spaces!