Special Considerations: Tibet, sadly, is no longer a country in its own rite. Today, her cultural borders fall within modern-day India, China, and Nepal. Mostly China. These distinctions will be denoted by flags appearing on the right of every article. 

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KHARDUNG LA, LADAKH  |  ཧརྡུང ལ་དྭགས

1. Peter Drives Over The Highest Road In The World: Khardungla Pass (Oct. 2015) 📷  ⭐



LEH, LADAKH  |  གླེ ལ་དྭགས

1. Peter Gets Trapped In Leh [Upper Himalayas] (Oct. 2015) 📷 



NUBRA, LADAKH  |  ལྡུམ་ར ལ་དྭགས

1. Peter Rides A Bactrian Camel Through World’s Highest Desert (Nov. 2015) 📷  🎥 

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