This is a minor event I suppose… but it's Halloween and there is an interesting video to accompany this story so I felt that it merited its own post. One night I came home to find my two female housemates sitting in the kitchen together. I asked them what was going on and they told me that there was a cockroach and a giant spider in the bathroom. Their plan was to keep the door closed forever. To their credit, this was actually a feasible plan because our downstairs bathroom serves primarily as a storage room and to enclose the smell of our cat's liter box.

I took a peek into the bathroom for myself. I did not see any cockroaches but I did see perhaps the biggest, hairiest, creepiest spider I have ever had had the misfortune of crossing paths with. It had presumably eaten the cockroach. At that point didn't know much, but I did know that I was certainly not about to sleep in the same house as that creature.

Some locals here would have just picked up the spider with a pair of chop sticks and thrown it into the garden and that is good for them but we chose a different path. Ignoring pleas to let the spider live, my male housemate and I each took off a shoe and crept into the bathroom together. What followed was a frenzy of crashing, yelling and breaking glass. At the end of this there were violent shoe prints on every surface of the room and a dead, mangled spider lying beneath the sink, its legs still twitching. #sorrynotsorry

BUT before all of this went down, I grabbed this footage to share with y’all <3 It doesn’t really do it justice but it should still give you the heebie-jeebies.

We buried it in our garden, said a few words and went back to our spider-free lives.