First, I'm sure that you will be relieved to hear that my missing luggage was recovered about 24 hours later. It was actually delivered to the office of my employer (where I was living) by the airport staff, which is much nicer than anything I have experienced in the Western world. I wasn't living in that office for very much longer though. I found an apartment within 2 days of being in Vietnam through Facebook. Thank you social media. And guys, this place is amazing. It is coolest place I will probably ever live and it is only $210 per month. But rather than try to describe it I’ll just give you the tour:

Within an hour of arriving I was sitting on a blanket up on our awesome roof playing the guitar with awesome people under the stars. I had a beer and a sandwich (How I Met Your Mother Reference) and things were looking up. My awesome roommates are French, French-Canadian and Irish. We also have a kitten named Oreo.

Also - the Asia-America Gateway (AAG), which is an underwater, trans-pacific cable responsible for handling much of the internet traffic in Southeast Asia, broke a few days ago. I guess there were too many Sharks gnawing on it or something. I'm told it will take about a month to remedy this. Anyway, you're welcome for uploading this video and sharing this post even though it took FOREVER. It might be a little while until my next post though. In the mean time, I think all of us over here have learned a valuable lesson from this...

south park animated GIF

COMING UP NEXT: I become the proud owner of a motorbike